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Lake Michigan Monster

89 MIN

Filmmakers scheduled to attend



Director: Lilly Warren

Screenwriter: Lilly Warren

Producer: Nova Czarnecki, Lilly Warren

Cast: David Pulliam, Ashley Coffey, Vic Czarnecki


Belly of the Beast

narrative • • 2018 • Digital • USA • 11 MIN

What if you could swallow fun and enjoy it without getting off the couch? An inventor creates a pill that does just that in this silent but quirky short that explores the value of experience. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Ryland Tews

Screenwriter: Ryland Tews, Mike Cheslik

Editor:Mike Cheslik

Cast: Ryland Tews, Erick West, Beulah Peters, Daniel Long, Wayne Tews


Lake Michigan Monster

narrative, experimental • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 78 MIN

Guy Maddin meets Guys on Ice in this relentlessly gonzo creature feature spawned from the depths of writer/director/star Ryland Tews’ feverish, weird-bearded brain. As this black and white objet d’art opens, young Captain Seafield (Tews) has assembled a crew of specialists to help him in his quest to avenge the death of his seafaring father at the hands of the titular sea monster. As the jokes, visual effects, and elaborate editing techniques pileup, nothing is quite what it seems. A labor of handcrafted, demented, and thoroughly Wisconsin-esque love, Lake Michigan Monster is what things might have looked like if George Méliès had directed Cabin Boy. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own


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