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Betty White: First Lady of Television

69 MIN

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Director: Jessica Bursi

Editor:Carol Brandt


Meet Uncle Paul

documentary • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 14 MIN

This intimate, moving documentary short paints a vivid portrait not only of Paul, a 62-year-old with Down syndrome and early stage dementia, but also of his loving caregivers: Paul's sister Susie and her husband, Lee. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Steven Boettcher

Screenwriter: Steven J. Boettcher, Michael J. Trinklein

Producer: Steven J. Boettcher, Michael J. Trinklein, Stephanie Theisen

Cast: Betty White, Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Carl Reiner



Betty White: First Lady of Television

documentary • English • 2018 • 4K • USA • 55 MIN

From her riveting performance on Golden Girls to her hilarious, record-breaking debut on Saturday Night Live, at 88-years-old, Betty White continues to win the hearts of Americans as the first lady of television. Through stories from co-stars, loved ones, and Betty herself, we take an intimate look into her life as an award-winning actress, a wife of Wisconsin-born Allen Ludden, and a wildlife activist. This documentary takes a deep dive into the rich history of a woman with over 80 years in show business. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own


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