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Director: Yasujiro Ozu

Screenwriter: Yasujiro Ozu

Editor: Yoshiyasu Hamamura

Cast: Masahiko Shimazu, Koji Shidara, Kuniku Miyake, Chishu Ryu

Cinamatographer: Yushun Atsuta

Music: Toshiro Mayuzumi


Good Morning



Scheduled to attend: David Bordwell, Phil Johnston


narrative • Japan • 1959 • 35mm • Japanese with English subtitles • 93 MIN

section: Restorations and Rediscoveries

Ozu's first film in color is the lightest and sweetest work of his late career. Reimagining the director's classic silent film I Was Born, But... for the newly Westernized world of post-war Japan, Good Morning tells the story of two boys who commit to a vow of silence in protest of their parents' refusal to buy a television set. Gently poking fun at the fledgling consumer culture pervading the country, the film is a good-natured satire that eschews the hushed domestic tragedy of Ozu's better-known masterpieces for upbeat, at times very broad jokes, and a pervading sense of optimism. The delicate touch with which the film portrays the eternal conflict between weary parents and stubborn children pulls profound, universal emotions out of the highly specific, lovingly detailed setting. Throughout all of this, Ozu sacrifices none of his characteristic precision, rendering the whole film in sturdy angles that depict the life of a Japanese household with beautiful geometric rigor. If you've never seen a movie directed by this beloved genius, you could hardly hope for a more welcoming, warm-hearted place to begin. (TB) Good Morning is a personal favorite of filmmaker and UW–Madison alum Phil Johnston (Ralph Breaks the Internet). After the screening, he will participate in a conversation with Professor David Bordwell, author of Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema. (TB)

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