Wisconsin Gone Wild

82 MIN

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Come take a walk on the wild side with us. This group of Wisconsin's Own shorts is for anyone who enjoys a little spice in their cinematic feasts. From an unpleasant family reunion to a hitman's lament and from a not-quite grieving widow to a not so quietly paranoid computer programmer, these seven tales do away with niceties and cut straight to the bone. Consider yourself warned!



Director: Eric J. Nelson

Screenwriter: Eric J. Nelson

Producer: Eric J. Nelson, Kristin Larson




animation, experimental • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 3 MIN

Creepy-crawlies made of putty, fur, tubing, chatter teeth, and googly eyes evolve and decay in this breakneck, stop-motion music video that would make Bruce Conner proud. (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Ryan Wolf

Screenwriter: Ryan Wolf & Josh Moss

Producer: Ryan Wolf & Tom Turley

Cast: Monette Magrath, Zane Phillips, Matt Hopkins, Sprague Theobald, Michael Twaine, Lana Gordon


The Cabin

narrative • English • 2018 • USA • 12 MIN

When 3 siblings don’t see eye to eye on an inheritance, their response leads to an intense family reunion. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Asa Derks

Screenwriter: Asa Derks

Producer: Asa Derks, Jack Whaley

Cast: Colleen Madden, Carey Cannon



Singularity Stories, Vol. I

narrative • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 11 MIN

What might happen if Alexa decided she’d had enough of your lame-ass taste in music? Colleen Madden finds out in this comedic sci-fi short that feels eerily enough like a real possibility. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Peter Mackie

Screenwriter: Nick Vitale

Producer: Peter Mackie, Kseniya Yorsh, Dorothea Paschalidou

Cast: Yorgos Karamihos, Ravil Isyanov, Anthony Howes, Hudson Long, Jami Alix, Nick Mutuma



Sergey's Fortune

narrative • English • 2018 • Arri Alexa 2.8K (digital) • USA • 16 MIN

A Ukrainian hitman having a no-good, very bad day meets his match in the form of a gang of obnoxious YouTube vloggers in this acidic, Tarantino-esque comedy-thriller. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Gabe Reiss

Screenwriter: Gabe Reiss

Producer: Jimmy Morrissey

Cast: Na'Imah Graham, Kamil Borowski, Maurice McNicholas



Husband, Ensured

narrative • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 16 MIN

Expecting a check after the death of her husband, Joyce's insurance company instead offers her a different sort of payout in this darkly funny, pointedly cynical existential comedy. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Evan Dale Karg

Screenwriter: Evan Dale Karg

Producer: Leah Chen Baker, Kristian King

Cast: Catherine Curtin, Judith Roberts, Melissa van der Schyff



narrative • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 10 MIN

A Christian woman (Orange Is the New Black's Catherine Curtin) grows suspicious of a friend's claim to speak in tongues, before an overpowering epiphany. (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Ben Feldman, Brandon Weisner, Noah Guthman

Screenwriter: Ben Feldman, Daniel Feldman

Producer: Autumn Griffin, Ben Feldman, Willis McCord, Noah Guthman, Jonny Bazelon

Editor:Ben Feldman

Cast: Jack Alberts, Alexandra Ivey, Matthew Rhodes

Cinematographer: Enrique De La Garza

Music: Christian Whittemore





narrative • English • 2019 • Digital • USA • 14 MIN

A neurotic programmer holed up in an isolated workspace begins to suspect a technological entity has taken over the world. As his paranoia grows, this well-crafted short ratchets up the twists, turns, and intensity. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own