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Director: Robert Clift, Hillary Demmon

Producer: Robert Clift, Hillary Demmon

Editor: Hillary Demmon

Cinamatographer: Robert Clift

Music: Anthony Taddeo




Making Montgomery Clift

Scheduled to attend: Robert Clift, Hillary Demmon


Wisconsin Premiere • documentary • USA • 2018 • DCP • 88 MIN

section: American Visions, New Women Directors

One of the most influential actors of his generation, Montgomery Clift was a magnetically moody presence in movies whose life ended tragically at age 45 in 1966. Rumors and legends about Monty’s life circulated widely in the decades after his death, primarily due to the publication of two salacious and popular biographies. More than fifty years after the iconic performer's passing, his nephew, Robert Clift, has co-directed a revealing and personal examination of his uncle's life and craft, researched from a large family archive of papers, photos, home movies, and, most significantly, recorded phone conversations between Monty and his brother, Brooks, Robert's father. This myth-shattering documentary challenges long-held ideas about Monty's preparedness as an actor, his level of openness about his homosexuality, and the state of his mental health after a traumatizing 1957 car accident. "Propelled by a superb selection of vintage clips and home movies, adroitly edited by co-director [Hillary] Demmon, the film unravels the accepted wisdom that Clift's life was one of inner conflict and painfully guarded truths" (Hollywood Reporter). (JH)

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