Stories We Tell in Wisconsin

79 MIN

Filmmakers scheduled to attend

There are a lot of stories to tell in our state, and there are lots of talented storytellers to tell them. Sometimes these storytellers pick up and head west, or east, or north, or south, but they still have stories to tell no matter where they wind up. In this program of Wisconsin's Own shorts we will travel from The Daniel Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee to the Hudson River in New York, and from a medicine cabinet in Fitchburg to a house party in New Orleans, but rest assured, wherever we go, there will be stories there for us to see, hear, and be moved by.




Director: Frances Tyska


look at me, less than one hundred times

experimental • English • 2018 • Appropriated digital footage • 4 MIN

Splicing together Midwestern "vlogs" that have each been viewed fewer than 100 times, Frances Tyska discovers unexpected affinities and propulsive rhythms in local digital ephemera. (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Aaron Johnson

Screenwriter: Aaron Johnson

Producer: Aaron Johnson

Cast: Aaron Johnson



Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge

animation, documentary • 2018 • USA • 9 MIN

Stories of witnessing, responding to, and attempting suicide are interwoven into a conversation that explores Milwaukee's Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge in this unique animated short. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Maya Castronovo

Screenwriter: Maya Castronovo

Producer: Maya Castronovo



experimental • English, Hebrew, with English subtitles • 2018 • Digital • USA • 4 MIN

The contents of a medicine cabinet tell a heartbreaking tale of friendship and loss in this remarkably original and eloquent short from high school student, Maya Castronovo. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own


Cast: Jacob Feiring, Shahin Izadi, Christian Strevy

Cinematographer: Madeliene Bishop


Old Rook

narrative • 2018 • 3 MIN

A group of aging, competitive bros try to shoot hoops in their cramped apartment, yielding humorous results (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Austin Alward

Screenwriter: Austin Alward

Producer: Austin Alward, Sam Claitor, Win Riley

Editor:Andrew Jon Wallace

Cast: Marie Ba, Chloe Nelson

Cinematographer: Matt S. Bell

Music: Louis Michot




Le Grand Remix

narrative • English, French, Vietnamese, with English subtitles • 2018 • Digital • USA • 17 MIN

A trippy French-language short set in New Orleans and chock full of stylish camera work, clever transitions, lived-in performances, and a healthy dose of magic realism and magical dance numbers. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Timothy Troy

Screenwriter: Timothy Troy

Producer: William Eichler, Jeremy Bevard

Cast: Christian Stolte


Hold My Horse

narrative • English • RED • USA • 8 MIN

A pompous young Civil War Lieutenant learns a lesson in humility and respect from a grizzled, older General in this handsomely-produced historical narrative short. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Cecelia Condit

Screenwriter: Cecelia Condit

Producer: Cecelia Condit

Cast: Flora Coker, Cecelia Condit

Music: Renato Umali


We Were Hardly More Than Children

documentary, experimental • English • 2019 • Digital • USA • 9 MIN

In this abstract tale of survival and friendship, two woman take a journey through time as they recount the painful, shared experience of an illegal abortion and the bond that kept them strong. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Vlash Droboniku

Screenwriter: Vlash Droboniku

Producer: Vlash Droboniku


Hudson River Miracle

animation, experimental • 2018 • 7 MIN

Painstaking, sui generis hand-drawn animation dramatizes the story of Chesley " Sully" Sullenberger and US Airways Flight 1549, to hypnotic effect. (BR)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Emma Siewert

Producer: Bryce Chinault



Do it for Dozer

documentary • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 18 MIN

A story of loss turns into a season of triumph when the Cambridge High football players head to the championships in this touching documentary of a community's efforts to heal after the death of a close friend and teammate, Dustin "Dozer" Zuelsdorf. (TI)

section: Wisconsin's Own