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Director: Jackie Chan

Screenwriter: Jackie Chan, Edward Tang

Producer: Leonard Ho

Editor: Cheung Yui Chung

Cast: Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheune, Bill Tung

Cinamatographer: Cheung Yui Chung

Music: Michael Lai




Police Story

Ging chaat goo si


Scheduled to attend: David Bordwell


narrative • Honduras,Hong Kong • 1985 • DCP • Cantonese with English subtitles • 100 MIN

section: Restorations and Rediscoveries

Before Hollywood entered its golden age of action pictures in the late 1980s with thrilling and over-the-top cop epics like Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, the cinematic miracle known as Jackie Chan had mastered the genre and laid the template with his 1985 Hong Kong classic Police Story. Chan co-wrote the script, directs, and stars as Ka-Kui, an HK inspector protecting a star witness (Brigitte Lin) and going rogue while trying to take down a cruel drug lord. Most famously, Chan performs all his own stunts in a dizzying and literally bone-crunching collection of action set pieces that show him hanging from the side of a speeding bus and, in a moment repeated from several different angles, shattering dozens of electrified glass lights while sliding down a pole at a shopping mall. A brand new 4K restoration of the uncut Police Story will be shown in its original Mandarin with English subtitles, preceded by a special introduction from David Bordwell, author of Planet Hong Kong. (JH)

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