Pet Names

80 MIN

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Director: Sarah Smith

Screenwriter: Phillip Guttmann

Producer: Sarah Smith, Phillip Guttmann

Cast: Frances Chewning, Paula Lauzon


Tender Touches: Maniac

narrative • English • 2018 • Digital • USA • 5 MIN

In this delirious, bite-sized musical comedy, an animal healer (Frances Chewning) rehabilitates a despondent parakeet named Portia de Rossi through song. (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own



Director: Carol Brandt

Screenwriter: Meredith Johnston

Producer: Chris James Thompson, Suzanne Jurva

Cast: Meredith Johnston, Rene Cruz



Pet Names

narrative • English • 2018 • 2K • USA • 75 MIN

Grad-school-dropout Leigh (Meredith Johnston) ducks out of Milwaukee, where she cares for her ailing mother, for a weekend camping trip with her ex (Rene Cruz). Mixed signals and power games follow suit, as the two awkwardly dredge up their past. With frank discussions of sex, desire, and heartbreak, this anti-romantic comedy foregrounds queer experience to a natural and refreshing degree. Handsomely shot and rife with small moments funny and true, Pet Names clinches Brandt's reputation as one of Wisconsin's most perceptive up-and-comers. Rounding out the talented cast is Goose (Chato), hands down the cutest and chubbiest pug on screens at the fest. 2018 SXSW Film Festival. (ZZ)

section: Wisconsin's Own