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Director: Daniel Beliavsky

Screenwriter: Daniel Beliavsky, Victor Ilyukhin

Editor: Victor Ilyukhin, Bodine Alex Boling

Cast: David Del Tredici, Daniel Beliavsky

Cinamatographer: Michael LaVoie




Secret Music

Scheduled to attend: Daniel Beliavsky


Midwest Premiere • documentary • USA • 2018 • Digital • English • 80 MIN

section: Wisconsin's Own

In Secret Music, Pulitzer prize winning composer David Del Tredici takes us step by step through the process that led to his transformative and uninhibited commitment to writing what he calls "gay music," a repertoire that honors the joys and struggles of his life as a gay man, as well as of gay life, as he understands it. This clear-eyed and intimate documentary (by concert pianist and music theorist, Daniel Beliavsky) treats us to relaxed and expansive interviews with its subject. It also grants us front row seats when Del Tredici puts vocalists and Beliavsky through their paces as they rehearse some of his most provocative and challenging pieces, including a song derived from the ecstatically explicit Allen Ginsberg poem, "Please Master.” Secret Music is a rare glimpse of the work and thought that goes into art, a profound and revelatory experience for music lovers and the uninitiated alike. (BR)

Presented with support from Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and UW-Madison Gender & Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC)

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