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Director: Bi Gan

Screenwriter: Bi Gan

Producer: Han Han, Xiaoming Huang

Editor: Yanan Qin

Cast: Sylvia Chang, Huang Jue, Tang Wei

Cinamatographer: Dong Jinsong, Yao Hung-i, David Chizallet

Music: Lim Giong, Point Hsu




Long Day's Journey Into Night

Di qiu zui hou de ye wan


Wisconsin Premiere • narrative • China, France • 2018 • DCP, 3D • Mandarin with English subtitles • 150 MIN

section: New International Cinema

3D is used to virtuoso ends in this arthouse neo-noir (which has nothing to do with Eugene O’Neill). The film begins in 2D, as Luo searches out old flames and foes in a neon-drenched Kaili. The entire final hour of the film is a single, unbroken 3D shot that draws us deep into Lou’s dream-state. Both a dazzling technical accomplishment and time-bending narrative trick, this epic shot comprises the most ingenious use of 3D in narrative cinema since Gravity. In China, this unlikely blockbuster racked up a massive $40 million in its opening weekend (!). “Reaches a new level of cinematic intrigue as an immersive experience, unfolding within a surreal context that combines technical wizardry with high art. In this masterful directing gamble, the camera peers deep into its protagonist’s soul, and finds a whole universe lurking in its confines” (Indiewire). “Like nothing you've seen before. Like many great filmmakers—from Alain Resnais and Andrei Tarkovsky to David Lynch and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, all of whom he recalls to varying degrees—Bi [Gan] seems to believe that new realms of cinema are possible in making the immaterial material” (Dennis Lim, Film Comment). 2018 Cannes, New York Film Festival. (MK)

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