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Director: Edward Ludwig

Screenwriter: David Duncan, Winston Miller

Producer: William H. Pine, William C. Thomas

Editor: Howard A. Smith

Cast: Fernando Lamas, Rhonda Fleming, Brian Keith, Lon Chaney, Jr., Rita Moreno

Cinamatographer: Lionel Lindon

Music: Gregory Stone





Scheduled to attend: Bob Furmanek


North American Premiere • narrative • USA • 1954 • DCP, 3D • 92 MIN

section: Restorations and Rediscoveries

Rio Galdez (a marvelous looking Fernando Lamas) is the proprietor of the only bar on a long stretch of the Amazon River in Brazil. Rio's place has become a hangout for various American and European outcasts, including ex-engineer Jerry (Richard Denning, co-star of our other 3D Amazon adventure in this year's WFF, Creature from the Black Lagoon) who is obsessed with finding the lost treasure of the head-hunting Jivaro Indians. When Jerry goes missing, his fiancée (Rhonda Fleming) recruits Rio and his boat for a journey down the treacherous river in search of her man…and Jivaro gold. Climaxing in a series of action scenes featuring lots of flying arrows and spears, Jivaro was intended to be the third in a series of lush 3D Technicolor movies from Paramount Pictures and the producers William H. Pine and William C. Thomas. Diminishing box office returns for 3D releases in general led to Jivaro being originally released only in 2D prints. Unseen in 3D for more than 50 years after its original release, Jivaro will have its first digital 3D theatrical screening at this year's WFF. The screening will be presented in-person by 3D authority Bob Furmanek, whose 3D Film Archive spearheaded the restoration efforts and rescued this action adventure romp from flat oblivion. (JH)

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