Music Theatre of Madison presents:
Ten Days in a Madhouse

August 19-27, 2022

Play Circle | Memorial Union

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About this event

In 1887, passionate and seemingly fearless journalist Nellie Bly is sent to infiltrate the notorious Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum to report on what she sees. Unsure of what she’s getting herself into, and unaware of when she’ll get out, Nellie enters the asylum and is shocked by the treatment and conditions. She also meets people of all walks of life; fascinating characters, most of whom are not at all insane…and a nurse who might be. Ten Days In A Madhouse, a new musical by Madison writers Jennifer Hedstrom and Karen Saari, tells the story of Nellie’s time in Blackwell’s through the eyes of those she saves, and those she can't, as she records her findings and eventually shocks the world with her exposé.

For the safety of our actors and staff, Music Theatre of Madison would very much appreciate the wearing of masks at this event. The company will provide extras.

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Collage design by Natalie Ergas, Native Essence Art.

**Content Advisory: Ten Days In A Madhouse is set in an insane asylum in the 1880s. The conditions were abusive and terrible. Characters go through difficult emotional and mental trials that are shown onstage. There is also a scene of intense violence (no blood or gore).**

Prices (including all fees)

Full Price Friday & Saturday $35
Full Price Sunday $30
Student (any) All performances $15